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BAMCBrooke Army Medical Center
BAMCBarring Outgoing Phonebook Match Calls
BAMCBar Association of Montgomery County (Rockville, MD)
BAMCBritish Applied Mathematics Colloquium (UK)
BAMCBronchoalveolar Mononuclear Cell
BAMCBleed Air Monitoring Computer
BAMCBurkhard Analysis and Methods Corporation
BAMCBrabantse Auto Mobiel Club (Dutch; Belgian automobile club)
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In 2016, the BAMC ED initiated research-based surveillance of its intubation practices as part of the National Emergency Airway Registry (NEAR), a multicenter observational intubation registry coordinated through Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.
As we work on revising the BAMC, we recognize how vital it is to bring together industry and regulatory professionals.
Institutional Review: This archival study was approved by the institutional review board at BAMC (BAMC IRB#C.
is definitely different from any other clinic you can work in," said Airman Calcaterra, who expected to be deployed to Iraq during the department's move to BAMC this summer.
BAMC is fortunate to have an outstanding infectious-disease group at its hospital that lab personnel interact with regularly," says LTC Wade Aldous, PhD, chief of microbiology laboratories for BAMC.
Between his 32 (eventually 33) surgeries, and therapies to stretch his tender, growing skin (he even had to wear a mask to compress the scarring on his face), Martinez began to visit other, newly wounded servicemembers on the wards at BAMC.
Smurr and Ganz described the OT care protocol used in military amputee centers of excellence, such as BAMC and WRAMC.
14) Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) reported twenty-three soldiers wounded in Iraq and subsequently admitted to BAMC who had wounds that were culture positive for A.
They didn't know that, either, but from the moment he reached BAMC, they knew every thing from then on, because this was their life now.
DocuSys is providing BAMC with its anesthesia information management system (AIMS), which produces an electronic record of the anesthetic case as well as decision support for the documentation of national quality measures, says the company.
Donna Rojas, chief of case management at BAMC, said "the spirit of the soldiers is remarkable.
BAMC is a modern state-of-the-art, 450-bed health care facility that provides level-one trauma and graduate medical education.