BAMEBethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (various locations)
BAMEBlack, Asian & Minority Ethnic
BAMEBenzoyl-L-Arginine Methyl Ester
BAMEBovine Adrenal Medullary Endothelial
BAMEBrigade Airspace Management Element
BAMEBrookfield Academy Mini Economy (Brookfield, WI)
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Labour MP Eleanor Smith (Wolverhampton South West) said that there needed to be more "willingness" to discuss donation in the BAME community.
A spokesperson from the Labour Party told the Echo that they are now taking advice on "other ways we can increase the representation of BAME members at East Midlands Regional Conference in February.
And BAME representation now accounts for 10% of court judges under 40, and 14% of tribunal judges under 40.
Despite the decrease of BAME people, they make up a higher proportion of the armed services than in 2012 - but only by 0.
Steve continued: "We're still not where we need to be in terms of increasing the number of BAME coaches on Merseyside, but hope that events like this will highlight the fact we're here to help.
If somebody asked you what percentage of the books in your library were by BAME authors or artists, how would you know?
But it's an uphill struggle: we still have Raj-era nostalgia on our screens, a dearth of BAME role models in teaching, from primary to professorial level, at senior levels of publishing, arts and education administration and in the media.
There has been work done to try to increase the BAME workforce behind and in front of the camera but change is painfully slow.
In particular they are looking to connect with writers from groups that are currently under-represented, including BAME, LGBT+, disabled and working-class writers.
Sadly, as we can see from this report a diverse boardroom is still not commonplace, but we hope the recommendations will heighten awareness of the growing pool of talent in the BAME community, and go some way in strengthening boardrooms across the UK to keep our country at the forefront of global business" Llewellyn Graham says.
The festival program has wonderful films from BAME [black, Asian and minority ethnic] filmmakers, and, with issues surrounding diversity magnified by social media, I think this is a moment on which we can really capitalize," says Ashley Clark, programmer of the BFI's Black Star season, which celebrates black actors and follows the LFF.
Mr Doherty said: "I explained that the Brits' organisers are, with the guidance of a new advisory committee that includes members of the BAME music community, exploring initiatives that will enable the event to more effectively celebrate diverse, breaking and established talent.