BAMERBlack, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (refuge)
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It also offers a visual representation of its innovative use of digital technologies to unravel, map and archive the last 70 years of BAMER women's history, tracing the integration of generations of women who have worked, lived and raised families in the region.
We wanted to make sure the project was authentic and representative of the women it was about, so it was really important to involve them in every aspect of it," says Rosie Lewis, who is co-ordinating the research and development of the project at the Angelou Centre in Newcastle, which exists to support BAMER women in the region.
While Shafilea's story has dominated the headlines, 'honour' based violence and forced marriages are still rare in BAMER communities.
15) BAMER is an imputed variable constructed on the basis of the full name of the black economist and the personal knowledge of the author.
The acquisition of BAMER will enable BAC and GE Money to continue delivering enhanced consumer credit products to the growing Central American financial services market.
GATT was designed to make uncoordinated free-for-all actions on raising trade bamers difficult, through "rules" and "bindings" that would govern and discourage a lapse into competitive raising of trade barriers.