BAMGBidimensional Anisotrope Mesh Generator (mathematics)
BAMGBay Area Motion Graphics (San Francisco, CA)
BAMGBonnier Amigo Music Group
BAMGBovine Adrenal Medulla Gangliosides
BAMGBorder Analysis and Management Group, Inc.
BAMGBrand Asset Management Group (Chesterfield, MO)
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We consider this extreme case, although it is unlikely to arise in practice, to demonstrate the robustness of the BAMG approach as a coarsening strategy for the targeted anisotropic problems.
When presenting results of the solver constructed by the resulting BAMG setup algorithm, we use two pre- and post-Gauss-Seidel relaxation sweeps on all grids except the coarsest, where a direct solver is used.
In this section, we illustrate the choice of coarse grids and interpolation patterns that the BAMG setup algorithm constructs when applied to the finite difference and bilinear finite element approximations of the anisotropic test problem for [epsilon] = [10.
Seeding on BAMG was done as per the method of Brown et al.
The efficacy of BAMG was tested on the basis of the following parameters.
The reconstructed urinary bladder was grossly examined for the presence of adhesions, status of reconstructed site, fate of BAMG and for the presence of any calculi or any other abnormalities.
In the business college curriculum, BAFN 291, BAFN 370, BAMG 456, and BAFN 305 (along with several other non-required courses not shown in the figure) on the left side of the graph form a relatively tightly connected course cluster.
Figure 7 shows that courses BAMK 360 and BAFN 370 have the largest eigenvector values followed closely by BAMG 350 and BAMG 456.
In Figure 8, BAMG 353 easily has the highest clustering coefficient in the curriculum.
The GA-24 h and GA-48 h treated BAMG showed heavy deposition and invasion of necrotic cellular debris by lymphocytes, macrophages, few neutrophils with moderate disruption/disintegration of the collagen bundles upto day 90.
Whereas, when BAMG was treated with different cross-linkers, there was formation of bonds between protein molecules due to cross-linking which results in less number of bands as evidenced in SDS-PAGE.
003 ng/ml) to compare the magnitude of response and the values of cross-linked BAMG were found to be significantly (P<0.