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BAMMBritish Association of Medical Managers
BAMMBeta and Advection Model - Medium
BAMMBay Area Math Meet (San Francisco, CA)
BAMMBikers Against Medical Malfeasance
BAMMButte Alliance for Medical Marijuana
BAMMBy All Means Music
BAMMBarr, Allen, Mattia and Metzger (Rutgers residence halls)
BAMMBay Area Model Mugging (now Impact Bay Area)
BAMMBecky And Mark Mikaela (Eugene, OR design studio)
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Sixth position was shared by Maheen Nadeem of Tabani's College and Habiba Fatima of BAMM PECHS Government College for Women with 926 marks each.
Syeda Kinza Kazmi of the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School and Arisha Warsi of BAMM PECHS Government College for Women, shared the fourth position with 989 marks each.
Allowing companies to use BAMM was a concession the EPA made when it issued the final Subpart W rules-the section of the GHG rules related to natural gas and petroleum sectors exclusively.
Bears, a strong dancer with a riveting presence, was ideally cast as the central figure in BAMM, and Desiree Lynn Pina, with her arresting extensions, soloed impressively in George Faison's Suite Otis.
The third position went to Naureen Shahid of the BAMM PECHS Government College for Women.
The oil and gas industry GHG reporting rule the EPA issued last year basically allows use of BAMM up until June 30,2011.
Our biggest issues remain the lack of a clear process for obtaining BAMM in the post-2012 time period," she adds.
Hence the need for some EPA flexibility on deadlines after which BAMM cannot be used.
Current holders of BAMM common stock with questions concerning their legal rights are encouraged to contact Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC and its attorneys Michael I.