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43) BAMN alleged that for racial minorities (44) who are the focus of corrective race-conscious admissions policies and practices (45) enacted in their interest, Proposal 2 as applied to Michigan's public colleges and universities, "impermissibly restructure [d] the political
While the Commission conducted its investigation, a non-profit civil rights group, Operation King's Dream ("OKD"), and BAMN filed several unsuccessful state court actions.
Report and Recommended Order on Motor Carrier Application, In re Application of BAMN Enterprises, Inc.
consolidated two separate actions brought by the BAMN and University
LAUSD police took three BAMN members into custody on suspicion of trespassing and disturbing the peace, said Assistant Chief of School Police Larry Hutchens.
Notes Donna Stern, national coordinator for BAMN, the proposal would "recreate a separate and unequal two-tiered education system, and really roll back civil rights progress we've made.
Prominent among the 250 protesters outside were members of a Berkeley-based group, BAMN, who are dedicated to opposing Proposition 209 ``By Any Means Necessary.
As a national organizer for By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), I can personally attest to the fact that BAMN has been aggressively and creatively fighting to defend affirmative action across the country since 1995 (see "Fight or Flight," Aug.
BAMN protesters said they were back on campus Thursday to defend some of their members who were arrested Wednesday by the Los Angeles Police Department.
BAMN attorney Shanta Driver criticized the court's decision not to hear the group's appeal.
Shortly before ticket-holders began to file into the center about 12:30, about a dozen BAMN members attempted to block the entrance shouting ``Don't go in, shut the Klan down.