BAMPOBis(Aminophenoxy Phenyl) Methyl Phosphine Oxide
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Group 4 Research focusing on Reach; Propagation; Bampo, Ewing, the analysis and Average number of Mather, Stewart, proposal of users reached by & Wallace (2008); analytical models a particular De Bruyn and and message message; Number Lilien (2008); propagation of Hinz et al.
At the Bampo site near Xi'an in Shaanxi, with a date of some 6,000 years ago, remains of these two cereals have been found, as well as remains of hemp (Cannabis sativa), which was used for weaving, and of animals, both wild, (such as deer [Cervus], gazelle [Gazella], hares [Lepus]) and domesticated such as (dogs [Canis familiaris], pigs [Sus scrofa], bovids [Bos], sheep [Ovis] and poultry).
These dishes correspond to the "coarse new Vietnamese wares" recorded in the Bampo Zenshu and also documented in Dutch East Indies records.
Ice cream and ice novelties range from standard stick items and cones (but the latter come in non-standard chip and sprinkle-topped varieties like Trufigrande and the new Bampo) to a Milky Way Estrella (a star-shaped chocolate-covered bar), Nube (frozen marshmallow on a stick), Polo Uva (a "tree" of flavors on a stick) and Super-Big Tricolor (multicolored bits of fruit ice arranged on a stick shish-kebab style).
THOMAS William James (Buster) Sadly on Feb 11, 2015, at UHW, aged 57 years; devoted Dad to Michelle and Gemma, much loved Bampo to Jennifer, Callie, Louis, Kristian, Zachary, Emelia and Riley-Mason, loving brother to Margaret, Julie, Rachel and Tony.
(1994) Sinaloa Bahia de Topolobampo 77 Gonzalez (1984) Bahias de Ohuira,Topolo- bampo y Santa Maria 109 Balart et al.