BAMSIBrockton Area Multi Services Inc.
BAMSIBernard/Allison Management Services, Inc.
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Prime Minister Christie said that The Bahamas was accepted as a member of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute, CARDI, the premier agricultural research entity in CARICOM, and CARDI will have its offices on the BAMSI site in North Andros and will add a new dimension to its research programme by giving it regional credibility.
Prime Minister Christie said that it is also notable that BAMSI is the only marine institute in CARICOM, and possibly the region as a whole, and a number of CARICOM states have announced their intention to send their students for training in order to more efficiently manage their marine resources.
Simonelli said that is a decision that will be made by the property owner, CIL Realty, and not by BAMSI.
Barbara Duffy, vice president of community relations for BAMSI, could not be reached yesterday to elaborate on the project.
District 1 Councilor Tony Economou said BAMSI mailed out informational packets to the immediate abutters explaining the project.
He said BAMSI has told the abutters the new building will have a "minimal impact" on the neighborhood and will blend in with the rest of the neighborhood.
1 million shares of Class A Common Stock of BAMSI, resulting in a $147 million after-tax gain.
Excluding the previously discussed gain on the initial public offering of BAMSI common stock, noninterest income increased $194 million from the fourth quarter of 1995, primarily due to increased fees and commissions of $91 million, higher dividends on investment securities of $40 million, and increased gains on the sale of leased property of $28 million.
BAMSI will provide an array of payment processing and related information products and services to merchants who accept credit, charge and debit cards as payment for goods and services throughout the United States.
In 1978, Hugh McNeil started his engineering and technical services company, BAMSI Inc.