BAMTABay Area Multimedia Technology Alliance
BAMTABoulder Area Music Teachers Association (Colorado)
BAMTABluegrass Area Music Teachers Association
BAMTABroad Alliance for Multimedia Technology Applications
BAMTABay Area Music Teachers Association (California)
BAMTABroken Arrow Music Teachers Association (Oklahoma)
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Programs focused on the business processes of the industry and the business applications of networked multimedia have proven to be quite valuable, and these will be the initial courses provided by the BAMTA Learning Center.
Beginning in April, two one-day seminar programs will be offered at the BAMTA Learning Center.
The BAMTA Award was created to recognize both innovation and the importance of collaborative effort in the development of networked multimedia applications for business, education or entertainment.
Nominations for the BAMTA Networked Multimedia Collaboration Award will be accepted until April 19, 1996.
Our organization will benefit highly from the collaborative framework, tools, and processes put in place by BAMTA to address tough technology issues and increase our visibility as leaders in the industry.
Neal Chandra, President and CEO of BAMTA added, "The challenges of networked multimedia are extremely complex.
Additionally, Tom Skornia, of The Skornia Law Firm, serves as Secretary to the BAMTA Board of Directors.
Through the Collaboratory, real-world application projects and technology working groups, BAMTA is fostering seamless operation of networked multimedia, regardless of the platform or network used, by addressing interoperability, asset management and intellectual property rights issues.
We are pleased to see NIST's recognition of the innovation and potential value of CareSoft's WellNet software," said Neal Chandra, president and CEO of BAMTA.
BAMTA is a member-driven organization providing the framework for technology and partnership exploration and open systems solutions to the obstacles which hinder the development of networked multimedia.
Saal, chairman of BAMTA and past president of Smart Valley, Inc.
The collaborative environment provided by BAMTA allows member organizations to achieve concrete goals and create new value in emerging industries," said Neal Chandra, president and CEO of BAMTA.