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OPPOSING VIEWS: Rabab Ghazoul, left, and Siamand Banaa
The family of Al Banaa, who died in 1949, has accused the show of tarnishing his reputation and asked it be taken off the air.
He alleged Ms Al Banaa's family had expressed fears she was being "ignored" by staff.
Banaa praised the Netherlands for tracing and returning the stolen goods and said he hoped other countries would "emulate the Dutch example."
Mr Banaa believes Europe and America will oppose such a process because it would reveal the full extent of the support the West gave Saddam in cementing his grip on power and developing an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.
WHEN Siamand Banaa was a student at Cardiff University he was a peer of Neil Kinnock's.
``He was not very different from now,'' Mr Banaa said.
While the Welshman entered parliament and fought to make the Labour party electable, Mr Banaa joined the Kurdish resistance in northern Iraq.
Now the two sides share power in a National Assembly which Mr Banaa compares to the Welsh model.
``It's like a little house surrounded by four large houses with people throwing dirt and urinating over it constantly,'' said Mr Banaa. ``For the first time in our history, by the grace of the Americans and British, we have protection.''
Mr Banaa said, ``Almost all support the campaign against Saddam Hussein and almost everybody who has suffered knows there is no other way to remove him.
"Events such as this present a platform for Bahrain Air to interact with job applicants and to hire the best people for our company," said human resource and support services manager Ahmed Yousef Banaa.