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For this study, we defined obstructed labor as the presence of two or more major features of obstructed labor (Bandl's ring, edematous vulva, edematous cervix, significant fetal skull molding, or caput), or one major plus one or more minor features of obstructed labor (foul smelling vaginal discharge, fetal distress or demise during labor, >24 hours in labor) based on published studies [1, 3].
She also provides a list of "labor problems," which includes "unusually small pelvis" and Bandl's rings (which are extremely rare).
"I spent nine years trying to get that character out of people's minds."Sharleen's pop at bandl TEXAS star Sharleen Spiteri has branded Radiohead singer Thom Yorke an idiot.
On BandL's visit to their beautifully-appointed restaurant, they presented the team with three appetizers: the Nori Sushi Taco, the Nose to Tail in a skewer and the Chicken and Egg featuring crisp chicken skin and egg custard.
Let's start with three of the food parks our roving BandL team discovered.