BANEABritish Association for Near Eastern Archaeology
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Different versions of this paper were presented at BANEA in 2003 and 2006, and at the Assyriology Colloquium at Yale University in 2005.
Estandar= 2,36 Minimo=0,5 ha Maximo= 176 ha (principalmente potreros; 7 ha palmito, 89%<10 ha) Nivel Educacional: Hombres y mujeres= 6 anos Experiencia en agricultura: Promedio= 25 anos Experiencia con palmito: Promedio= 12 anos Utilizando credito: 8% (prestamo de banea privada; tasa de interes anual 19-29%) Estructura de produccion: 50% productores independientes 42% afiliados a coup./asociaciones locales de agricultores Ingresos externos a finca: 80% de las operaciones dependen de fuentes externas a la finca Los ingresos externos cuentan por el 50% de los ingresos totales Cuadro 6.
Eurocopter, the world's leading helicopter manufacturer, and the Romanian aircraft manufacturer IAR-Brasov, have signed an agreement on the creation of a local joint venture destined initially to focus on the refurbishment of Romania's military fleet, according to IAR Director Niculae Banea. Mr Banea declined to offer precise details regarding Eurocopter's involvement in the new company, but emphasised that the partners will aim to secure orders for replacements for Romania's existing helicopters.
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[6] Perez-Rosas, V., Banea, C., Mihalcea, R: Learning Sentiment Lexicons in Spanish.
Themes from the ancient near east BANEA publication series; v.1
We are proud to have extended this agreement as a result of a long term trust between IAR and Airbus Helicopters said Neculai Banea, General Director of IAR.
The Pakistani delegation held meetings with Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy Neculai Banea, and General Manager of ROMARM National Company, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Relations with the Business Environment Constantin Croitoru.
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