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As Eidul Fitre is around the corner, the Peshawar girls along with families thronged to markets both at city and cantonment to decorate their hands with bangles and henna by expert to look different on Eid.
PS160, OPEN BANGLE - CALVIN KLEIN BRILLIANT: Calvin Klein's silver open bangle is made from stainless steel and captivating Swarovski crystals.
ISLAMABAD: Eid-ul-Fitr just around the corner, Multicolor, glittering and clinking Hyderbadi 'glass Bangles' are becoming the most desired accessory for women buyers as hundreds of females belonging to all age groups look out for a perfect set of bangles to go with their dress on Eid.
* Using a hair dryer, warm one bangle until tacky, and then wrap one embroidered strip right side up around the bangle.
HYDERABAD -- Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Hyderabad organized a seminar on Export Potential of Glass Bangles at Conference Hall of Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry.
Sallahuddin Abbasi, Assistant Manager, TDAP, Hyderabad elaborated in his presentation about the important points of seminar to discuss Strength, Weaknesses Opportunities and threats in Global Markets, including modern production techniques, quality and production, international demand and supply mechanism, competition and Export potential of Glass Bangles.
KARACHI -- As Independence Day approaches, many women belonging to the Hindu community have set up stalls in the Saddar area where they are selling green and white bangles and other items that are high in demand before August 14.
She further informed that we have no proper statistics and data of Bangle Industry, Mineral Water, Private Educational Institutions and Private Health care providers, while employers also reluctant to share any information regarding workers and their wages.
Inspector Boal said: "The owner admitted to me that he'd put the metal bangle around her neck when she was a kitten as he thought it was pretty."
Here's a quick and easy way to get creative and colorful for your table- use crafted bangles as napkin rings.
Bright bangles and cuffs rock from school day to Friday night.
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