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BANGSBeauty Age Numbers Goodness Size (French grammar mnemonic)
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All the girls in school are going to bang their hair as soon as their mothers will let them.
I've heard tame ones bang their hind feet down on the floor that way.
A hard blow hit the side of the ship: water fell above with a stunning shock, and in the forefront of the gloom, where the air was reddish and thick, Jukes saw a head bang the deck violently, two thick calves waving on high, muscular arms twined round a naked body, a yellow-face, open-mouthed and with a set wild stare, look up and slide away.
Another chant from Hagar produced another apparition, not a lovely one, for with a bang an ugly black imp appeared and, having croaked a reply, tossed a dark bottle at Hugo and disappeared with a mocking laugh.
He put the ham in the middle of the floor, and hit it with the tongs and with the shovel--bang, bang, smash, smash!
I could but stand outside, and take a last look at the two sweet children, ere they disappeared within, and the golden gate closed with a bang.
Adornment of all India, heave to, or I'll bang every toe off your forefoot
That Cheyne boy's the biggest nuisance aboard," said a man in a frieze overcoat, shutting the door with a bang.
Too much fright bang 'm head belong me," Gogoomy said proudly.
Up went the window, bang bang went the revolver, and down went the window.
His hair was curled down over his forehead in an oiled bang.
Your Majesty's Royal Brother, the Emperor of Bang, is anxious to purchase it, but loyalty to your Majesty's throne and person constrains me to offer it first to your Majesty.