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BILLY Connolly has had to give up playing his beloved banjo and guitar because of Parkinson's Disease.
Unit personnel had a common approach to the brake banjo fitting installation--they believed that banjo fittings do frequently leak during post maintenance leak checks and they did not always adhere to the Technical Order directed torque wrench/torque settings.
The festival reignites a long held tradition for the Harbour Bar, when punters would wander in at the end of winter, with the promise of a roaring fire, a warm cup of bovril and some world class banjo playing.
As she traces the illustrious career of her great, great grandfather, banjo virtuoso Benjamin Doubleday, she finds plenty of comparisons between his rise to fame and her own from their humble roots.
This October, the five-member team of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Centenary Expedition (ITACE) will strike out across the frozen continent on skis, along the original proposed route, on a 1,200-mile journey to complete Shackleton's “unfinished business.” Dundee native and team member Stewart Stirling will be taking the hand-made “Shackleton E100” with him - the codename for a specially designed, lightweight banjo, crafted by The Great British Banjo Company.
Banjo is a star hoofball player for his team, the Whinnies.
Mr Martin said he had given up hope of finding Banjo - but then someone replied to his missing cat advert months after he posted it online.
Banjo is an instrument that has an amazing capacity to produce mesmerising music and melody; it can literally cast a magic spell on its listeners."
WADE MAINER, a country music pioneer credited with inventing the two-finger banjo picking style that paved the way for the Bluegrass era, has died at 104.
Jeremiah yearns for a banjo but is forbidden to purchase such a humdrum instrument.
In August 2010, approximately 20 participants came to Antietam National Battlefield's Pry House Field Hospital Museum for the Third Early American Banjo Conference.
It tells how Jean, a young Romany boy, longs to play the banjo but whose life is made difficult by a fantasy creature called a Django, not least by breaking the precious family banjo.