BANPBatang Ai National Park (Malaysia)
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As above, identity theft had almost no significant effect on payment behavior, except for a negative and significant effect on the use of BANP of a respondent's having experienced identity theft directly.
To simulate the improvement in speed of ACH-based payments, we increase every consumer's rating of speed of OBBP and BANP (the two ACH-based payment instruments included in our survey).
We assume that the strategy would lead to faster payment deduction and notification for ACH-based payments, namely, for OBBP and BANP.
We assume that the relative rating of the speed of payment deduction for OBBP and BANP increases by 10% and measure how such a rating increase would change the adoption of those two payment instruments.
The former were estimated to significantly increase the adoption of OBBP and BANP, while the latter were estimated to significantly increase the use of credit and debit cards.