BANZAREBritish Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition
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PRICE, A.G., (1962), The Winning of Australian Antarctica: Mawson's BANZARE voyages, 1929-31, based on the Mawson Papers, Angus & Robertson, Sydney.
This material (E944-946; 948-953; 2132, 2133, and unregistered specimens in the BANZARE collection) consists of 10 preserved (wet) colonies, 9 whole mounts (slides) of colonies, and 31 slides of sectioned calyces.
As an outcome from this 1926 review, the British, New Zealand and Australian governments reached an agreement to arrange a jointly-funded expedition to East Antarctica to be known as the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE).
The BANZARE voyages achieved limited success in reaching the continent to raise the flag at four sites, but large gaps still remained in the charting of the continuous coastline.