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BAPABoulder Asian Pacific Alliance (Boulder, CO)
BAPABeverly Area Planning Association
BAPABritish Association of Paediatricians in Audiology (UK)
BAPABethesda Academy of Performing Arts (Maryland, USA)
BAPABay Area Paragliding Association (San Francisco, CA)
BAPABroome Administrative and Professional Association (New York)
BAPABalanced Angular and Proportional Analysis
BAPABankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
BAPABilateral Advance Pricing Arrangements
BAPABangladesh Airline Pilots' Association
BAPABudget and Accounting Procedures Act of 1950
BAPABrooklyn Association of the Performing Arts (New York)
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The highest prevalence for cattle, buffaloes, sheep, and goats by any of the 4 tests was in Benisuef, except for the BAPA test in goats, which showed highest prevalence rates in Monofia.
We have an extremely good relationship with West Midlands Police and this incident does not affect the effectiveness of BAPA in the Midlands.
This relates to BAPA funds and we are working with the group regarding this matter.
BAPA claims that random breath testing will 'fail to protect passengers' and has 'serious flaws.
Revenue Canada appreciates TEI's support of the BAPA concept and the initiatives taken here in Canada, the USA and elsewhere.
When considering the "time" aspects of BAPAs one needs to keep in mind what the BAPA process replaces: the transfer pricing audit, appeal procedures, and potential litigation or competent authority consideration (sometimes year after year).
The venue is located on the ground floor of the hotel, and is in the same site as the old Bapas location and is the Middle East's sister venue to the Reform Social and Grill in the U.
Paring the party atmosphere of tapas sharing dishes with the fun of Belgian food, Bapas will open at the H Hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road.
The brothers, sons of restaurateur Ivan Haesen who runs a portfolio of outlets in Belgium, will open a Belgian lounge called Bapas at the end of September.
Inspired by the Spanish tapas concept, Bapas aims to attract a social clientele with signature sharing dishes.
Through the agreement, BAPAS will provide the Global Fleet Care services requested by SIA Cargo to its entire fleet of 747-400 freighters.