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BAPIBusiness Application Programming Interface
BAPIBuilding Automation Products, Inc. (Gays Mills, WI)
BAPIBiometric Application Programming Interface
BAPIBay Area Paranormal Investigations (est. 1999; San Francisco, CA)
BAPIBridge Application Program Interface
BAPIBloc Autonome Portable d'Intervention (French: Autonomous Mobile Intervention Block; engineering)
BAPIBiliary Atresia Prognostic Index (biliary tract disease)
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The SAP web service transforms the XML data in such a way that it can call the BAPI correctly.
The BAPI executes all the necessary actions in the ERP to access the customer's information.
On the other hand, SAP creates the WSDL of the web service automatically, making it unnecessary for the operator to have an extensive knowledge of the required BAPI.
Bapis says assessing risk tolerance and testing the portfolio's volatility helps alleviate client concerns.
While Bapis says the conversation is one that should have started prior to retirement, it's a conversation that should continue.
Growing out of the opening chapters, establishing a foundation from which to consider the movie business and the moviegoer of the era, Bapis turns to specific issues, using representative films to expand her discussion of social and cultural changes of the times as reflected in cinema, and as a medium for those changes.
In addition to a careful reading of these characters, Bapis situates the film within the expectations of traditional Westerns--rugged individualism and masculine authority.
SAP introduced more than 100 BAPIs in 1997, but these are still limited in functionality and they really need to be modified," says Arnold Nel.
People like Michael Bapis (ex-Morgan Stanley), Larry Gilbert (ex-Goldman Sachs), Curtis Lyman (ex-Lehman Brothers), and David Wisehaupt (ex-Merrill Lynch) are the kind of big 'producers' who are lusted after by everyone from those rump wirehouses to independent broker/dealers looking to boost their average rep's production numbers to the big RIA custodian firms who want the assets they bring and are eager to play matchmaker between some of their bigger affiliated RIAs and these salespeople with big books of business that can increase those RIA firms' scale at one fell swoop.
HighTower advisor and Managing Director (a title shared by all the advisors in the firm) Bapis literally grew up in the financial services business.
With the formal integration certification of Zilliant's Business Package for Precision Pricing(TM), Zilliant customers who currently integrate ZPPS with SAP applications using SAP Java Connector (JCO), IDocs and BAPIs can now leverage ZPPS's integration certification with the SAP NetWeaver Application Server and SAP Enterprise Portal to achieve seamless integration with SAP applications on every level.
It supports the dynamic introspection of BAPIs, IDOCs, RFCs, and tables to immediately make these resources available for use as Web services.