BAPOBritish Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists
BAPOBase Army Post Office (UK)
BAPOBelgian Association of Pediatric Orthopaedics
BAPOBritish Association for Paediatric Otolaryngology
BAPOBelize Association of Producers Organization
BAPOBritish Army Post Office
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We typically used the DVB/DBP solution with 0.8 wt% Span 80 and 3 wt% BAPO as the middle fluid phase (O) and the aqueous solution of 4.5 wt% PVA as the outer fluid phase ([W.sub.2]).
Viewers without extensive knowledge of Chinese history will find the bapo paintings abstruse.
The BAPO type of photo initiator was shown to induce fast crosslinking with the UV irradiation in natural sunshine, and carefully selected peroxide also provides crosslinking speed fast enough for a coating application.
Pls active in the UV-A wavelengths are a relatively new technology, and the development of MAPO and BAPO Pls have improved the through curing of pigmented films.
2007 Lifetime Achievement Award, British Association Of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO)
Comments: Irgacure 2100 and Irgacure 2022 are liquid photoinitiators blends based on Ciba's bisacyl phosphine oxide (BAPO) technology and are designed for use in pigmented inks, especially whites.
Italy-based Banco Popolare (BAPO.MI) is planning to hike its capital levels.
Barclays Plc is also talking with mid-table lender Banco Popolare (BAPO.MI) for buying some branches and Efibanca, its merchant bank.
A number of photoinitiators are currently recommended, (8), (9) such as the water-dispersed bis-acyl phosphine oxide (BAPO) and the AHK/BP eutectic blend.
With the growing interest in waterbased, UV-curable polyurethane dispersions, Ciba Specialty Chemicals recently introduced Ciba Irgacure 819 DW, a dispersion of bis-acyl phosphine oxide (BAPO) photoinitiator.
TMC-PC (Apec 9390) has an anisotropy that is about half of that of BAPO, as can be concluded from the Cm value as listed in Table 3.