BAPPEDABadan Perencana Pembangunan Daerah (Indonesian: Regional body for planning and development)
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The proportion of the community using water from the non-pipeline service is approximately 33.05% (Bappeda, 2014), which covers 23 Districts in Bekasi Regency.
The surveyed respondents consist of 20 organizations representing the local government agencies (Office of Public Works and BAPPEDA) and PDAM.
- Note: There are some minor discrepancies amongst (i) the Mining Area Map, as maintained by DGoMCG, (ii) the Forestry Area Map, as maintained by MoF, (iii) the Luwu Timur Forestry Office Explanation Letter and (iv) the verbal confirmation provided by BAPPEDA however this is not expected to impair the proposed activities.
Many other leading bureaucrats, including the head of Bappeda in Yogyakarta, also identified difficulties implementing Permendagri 13/2006.
This team was established in 2002 and coordinated by the body for regional planning (Bappeda).
The 2nd session, entitled 'INSPIRE II: Regional Growth Centers: What Works Best?', presented 4 panelists, namely Director of the Priority Infrastructure Provision Acceleration Committee (KPPIP) Henry Toruan, Federal Commissioner Iskandar Regional Development Authority Malaysia En Mohamad Saelal, President Commissioner and Founder of PT Jababeka Tbk SD Darmono, and Head of Bappeda Karawang Regency Eka Sanatha.
In Mataram, the head of Bappeda (district planning agency) announced that the Satpol PP budget there was 1.5 billion rupiah in 2003, but no real accounts were available to the DPRD or the public.
Head of the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Banyuwangi Suyanto Waspotondo said Canada considered Banyuwangi able to improve the city-village relationship by building new growth centers in its territory.
Head of Provincial Planning Bureau, "Bappeda," East Kalimantan, 1993).
Head of the Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) of Banten Province, Hudaya Latucosina, said that previously the groundbreaking ceremony was planned to be held in October 2017 by President Joko Widodo, but failed due to various things.