BAPPEDABadan Perencana Pembangunan Daerah (Indonesian: Regional body for planning and development)
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Note: There are some minor discrepancies amongst (i) the Mining Area Map, as maintained by DGoMCG, (ii) the Forestry Area Map, as maintained by MoF, (iii) the Luwu Timur Forestry Office Explanation Letter and (iv) the verbal confirmation provided by BAPPEDA however this is not expected to impair the proposed activities.
According to verbal information provided by BAPPEDA, there is a possibility that the Exploration IUP 2009 area may overlap with land being used for private residences.
Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) 2000 Paparan Ketua BAPPEDA Kabupaten Kutai Barat di Rio Tinto Bingung Baru [The Explanation of the Head of BAPPEDA, West Kutai District Regarding New Confusions at Rio Tinto].