BAPSTBay Area Professional Small Theatres (California)
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Bapst refused to admit Brownson, after he had lost two sons dying for the Union, to a Jesuit house in Boston because Brownson supported immediate emancipation.
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He concluded that "students learn equally as well by using the an electronic response system as by using more conventional methods." Other experiments among college chemistry, physical science, anthropology, and economics students failed to yield significant academic achievement results in favor of an electronic response system (Bapst, 1971; Casanova, 1971).
491-506; Erich Bapst, "The Autonomy of Swiss Communes: A Pleading.
The book, to which I shall return in greater detail in a future column, discusses Vever's collaborators and competitors amongst them Boucheron, Bapst, Fouquet, Gianllard and Mellerio, all working in the highly competitive luxury trade.
I would like to thank Vera Kreilkamp for extending the invitation to edit this special issue and for providing a perfect model of what an editor can be; thanks also to Adeane Bregman of the Bapst Library at Boston College for her invaluable help with the illustrations.
"It's a fun Christmas dinnerware pattern to share with family and friends," said Rick Bapst, national sales director for Shadle Enterprises.
This is the case in the Bapst Art Library at Boston College, where Gothic splendor dwarfs books and shelves.