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BAPTABearing and Power Transfer Assembly
BAPTABay Area Psychological Testing Associates (San Francisco, CA)
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Asi, el uso de BAPTA como quelante reduciria la inactivacion de ICRAC a traves de la reduccion del tamano de esos microdominios debido a su rapida cinetica de union a [Ca2.
By contrast, postsynaptic injection of PKC 19-31 did not reduce the facilitation by 10-min exposure to 5HT, but postsynaptic injection of either BAPTA or CamKII 281-301 did.
Injecting BAPTA into the motor neuron reduced facilitation after the strong shock but not after the weak shock.
However, it can also be blocked by injecting BAPTA into the motor neuron, suggesting that activity-dependent facilitation also involves both pre- and postsynaptic mechanisms that are more than additive.
2+] chelator BAPTA significantly reduced behavioral conditioning.
2005) are blocked by the presence of BAPTA in the motor neuron (see also Murphy and Glanzman, 1996; Bao et al.
2+] buffering by BAPTA on actin filament sliding and vesicle transport in M-phase extracts of clam oocytes.
We incubated extracts with BAPTA at 2 mM (4) and 10 mM (5) final concentrations.
In summary, when the calcium concentration in the extract was reduced by the addition of 10 mM BAPTA, myosin-II-mediated vesicle transport increased 1.
The stimulation of motile activity in these extracts was due, most likely, to the demonstrated effect of BAPTA on membrane network formation.
By injecting into the four-cell stage embryos a Ca++ buffer (a 1:1 mixture of free BAPTA and BAPTA conjugated to 70 kD dextran, in final concentration 5 mM), we were able to block cytokinesis in the injected cell but not the uninjected sister cells.
Potassium currents were blocked with 5 mM 4-aminopyridine, 100 mM tetraethylammonium, and 10 mM BAPTA was used to dialyze the cells to block [I.