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BAQBasic Allowance for Quarters
BAQBetter Air Quality
BAQBasic Asked Question
BAQBureau of Air Quality
BAQBuilding Air Quality
BAQBody Art Quality
BAQBiblically Answered Questions
BAQBarranquilla, Colombia - E Cortissoz (Airport Code)
BAQBar Association of Queensland
BAQBlock Adaptive Quantization
BAQBusiness Attitudes Questionnaire
BAQBlood-Alcohol Quotient
BAQBachelor Airmen's Quarters
BAQBourse d'Accès à la Qualification (French: Exchange Access to Qualification; professional training)
BAQBusiness Activity Query
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75, for BAQ, EAT-26, BDI, RSS and STAI, respectively.
Table 1 gives the descriptive data of each variable of the survey (age, IMC, BAQ, EAT-26, BDI, RSS and STAI).
Based on these data, it was found that the correlations between the BAQ (outcome variable) and the other variables of the study were considered positive and of moderate magnitude.
A multiple forward linear regression analysis was then carried out based on the associations shown, with the BAQ used as a criterion variable.
Through a previous academic visit to Colombia, the researcher was able to develop relationships with the American Chamber of Commerce in BAQ.
Secondly, in 2004, Colombia signed a free trade agreement with the US that significantly enhanced the economic prospects of BAQ, due to its privileged position as a major port for both domestic and international shipping (B1, B4, B17).
When asked to describe the condition of pre-Char BAQ, respondents spoke of three broad categories: (1) the state of civil services; (2) politics, finance and development; and (3) culture and corruption.
To summarize, BAQ was effectively cut off from every potential source of funding except narco-money because of a crisis of confidence in the city's leadership (B2, B8).
In 1998, I left BAQ for New York--everyone was leaving" (referring to the professional classes) (B18).
We look forward to the success of the integrated BAQ 2014 and 8th EST Forum in Asia and a brighter future for cities in Asia," said the Honorable Minister.
All items of the BIS and the BAQ are answered on a 5-point Likert scale (never, rarely, occasionally, often, almost always) with 5 indicating the most impulsive and aggressive response.
Items in the BAQ subscale and the current dimension of cognitions and affect relate to the feelings of individuals towards the fatness of their lower body, including hips, thighs, and buttocks, and their figure as a whole.