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BARBBroadcasters' Audience Research Board (UK company)
BARBBorn after the Reinforced Ban (cows)
BARBBritish Audience Research Bureau
BARBBritish Association Representing Breeders
BARBBluetooth Architecture Review Board
BARBBallast Aerating Retrieval Boom (NASA)
BARBBeacon Aided Radar Bombing
BARBBroadcaster Audience Research Bureau
BARBBMDO Acquisition Reporting Bulletin Board
BARBBiohazard Assessment Research Branch (US EPA)
BARBBachelor of Arabic
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Moreover, I do not believe that any ornithologist would place the English carrier, the short-faced tumbler, the runt, the barb, pouter, and fantail in the same genus; more especially as in each of these breeds several truly-inherited sub-breeds, or species as he might have called them, could be shown him.
Watching the rigging up of the barbed wire, Jerry's next adventure was an encounter with Lerumie, the return boy from Meringe, who, only that morning, on the beach embarking, had been rolled by Biddy, along with his possessions into the surf.
Jerry, scarcely aware of Lerumie's presence, was trotting past on his way aft to where Borckman, the mate, was superintending the stringing of the barbed wire to the stanchions.
A long, stumbling fall, accelerated by a sudden increase of wind in the sails, ensued, and Lerumie, vainly trying to catch his footing, fetched up against the three strands of barbed wire on the lee rail.
Even Lerumie, variously lacerated by the barbed wire, did not scowl nor mutter threats.
But though boats have been taken down and lost in this way, yet it is this holding on, as it is called; this hooking up by the sharp barbs of his live flesh from the back; this it is that often torments the Leviathan into soon rising again to meet the sharp lance of his foes.
Machaon passed into the middle of the ring and at once drew the arrow from the belt, bending its barbs back through the force with which he pulled it out.
Barb met Dan as she interviewed Eric and Dan for her public access Television show MUSE, which aired throughout the northwest suburbs between 1996 and 2004.
A group of boys in roof top while arranging Barb Q party for relatives commented m 'Eid without Barb Q is incomplete".
Jeff and Barb exchanged gifts and spoke at length with Provost Jim Fletcher, reflecting on the similarities between Barrhead in East Renfrewshire and in Alberta.
Barb's tools, techniques, and behaviors will resonate with readers overwhelmed by the stress of uncertainty and anxiety.
I would see grasshoppers and other bugs impaled on barbs. One day I actually saw one stick a grasshopper on a barb.