BARCTBest Available Retrofit Control Technology
BARCTBest Available Radionuclides Control Technology
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BARCT chairman Yousif Buzaboon told the GDN that his group has now mooted the idea of bringing the event, which is organised by the Seoul-based Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL) organisation, to the Middle East.
BARCT senior member Dr Amal Al Jowder, who dressed in traditional costume at the colourful opening ceremony yesterday in a bid to highlight Bahrain's proud heritage, described the conference as a learning exercise.
NPCA/FSCT claimed that the district was bound to follow BARCT criteria in setting clean-air technology requirements and that technology-based standards set by agencies must be based on the requirements of the underlying statute, which here require that technology be "available and feasible." The fundamental issue in the case was the technological infeasibility of the 2002 coatings limits and SCAQMD's refusal to see the BARCT standard as a binding process, but rather, as a minimum standard it could surpass.
While the court ruled in favor of NPCA/FSCTs legal arguments, it also found that, except for quick dry enamels and rust-preventative coatings, the VOC limits for the rest of the coatings categories met the BARCT criteria; that is, the coatings were available and achievable.