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BARGEBig August Rec Gambling Excursion (Las Vegas, NV)
BARGEBasin and Range Geoscientific Experiment (US NSF)
BARGEBiophysical Analysis Research Group
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Early as it was, there were plenty of scullers going here and there that morning, and plenty of barges dropping down with the tide; the navigation of the river between bridges, in an open boat, was a much easier and commoner matter in those days than it is in these; and we went ahead among many skiffs and wherries, briskly.
The barge were red and yellow, with a green dragon for a figurehead, and a white horse towin' of it.
An eddy carried his scent to the barge, and three villages heard the crash of music that followed.
resumed Mahiette, "who could have told good Father Guybertant, when he passed under the bridge of Tingueux with the current, singing in his barge, that one day his dear little Paquette would also pass beneath that bridge, but without song or boat.
But with friends; but in your own carriage as far as Orleans; in your own barge as far as Nantes; always ready to defend yourself, if you are attacked; to escape, if you are threatened.
I was in attendance on his majesty some weeks since when he was going down the Thames upon the royal barge.
Mournfully from the barge Arthur answered and bade him pray, for "More things are wrought by prayer than the world dreams of," and so he said farewell,
We must pall the barge all its length in blackest samite.
If he'd been away in the barge I'd ha' thought nothin'; for many a time a job has taken him as far as Gravesend, and then if there was much doin' there he might ha' stayed over.
Before they gained Lake Le Barge, the land was sheeted with snow that would not melt for half a year.
In a moment they vanished; but it is clear that another vessel of some sort had tried for shel- ter in the bay on that awful, blind night, had rammed the German ship amidships (a breach-- as one of the divers told me afterwards--'that you could sail a Thames barge through'), and then had gone out either scathless or damaged, who shall say; but had gone out, unknown, unseen, and fatal, to perish mysteriously at sea.
At the end of this day they made a bleak and miserable camp on the shore of Lake Le Barge.