BARIFBanjarbaru Research Institute for Food Crops (Indonesia)
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Awards were distributed on the occasion to authors for their books titled Neeroli jo khwab by Adal Soomro, Barif joon besakhiyoon by Amar Laghari, Duniya dam daryah by Dadilo Naseer Zuhrani, Balik dhartee TandAana by Waheed Muhassan, Jo ee ahyan so ee ahyan by Abdul Qadir Mangi, Akh ultee dhar by Nazir Soomro, Fikir parko by Ayaz Ali Laghari, Sindhi lughat barAheyn dar jey lai by Aftab Soomro, Pahaakan jee paar by Zahida Preet, Peheejaan pan mein by Dr Ahsan Daanish and Tey novelet by Roshan Ali Tunio.
As stated by Barif Kuyumlu, "The invisible wall of fear that has kept people at home for so long is now superseded by the sheer creative energy released by massive numbers of bodies on the streets." (36) Now, the people's covert protest, which they kept to themselves or shared only with their close friends, had become overt.
(31) Mehmet Barif Kuymulu, "Reclaiming the right to the city: Reflections in the urban uprisings in Turkey," in City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, no.