BARIGBoard of Airline Representatives in Germany
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Michael Hoppe, secretary general, Barig, said: "We are glad to welcome Latam as a new member, especially since the cargo field is continuously gaining importance within our association."
For this reason, the Barig membership offers us an ideal platform to contribute to the development of major topics regarding the air traffic location Germany."
"Barig simply knows and understands the industry's interests," he added.
3 of Syracuse 327 incorrectly (19 gur and 3 barig instead of 17 gur and 3 barig).
She sometimes writes 0.0.2 for 2([ban.sub.2]) (text 123), or 0.1.0 for 1(barig) (text 103), but other times 1([ban.sub.2]) (text 133), or 1(PI) (text 104) (PI is an outdated writing for barig).
9, reconstruct: 2(u) [.sup.[??].6(as).sup.[??]] 4(barig) 5([ban.sub.2])[.sup.!] [zi.sub.3]-[sig.sub.15] gur (i.e., subtract 11.
5: SU+[NIGIN.sub.2] 3(gesu) 4([ges.sub.2]) 3(u) [4(as) 1(barig) 1([ban.sub.2]) x se gur].
BARIG, a Germany-based organisation representing about 102 commercial carriers using German airports, has called the planned DEM2 increase a `knee jerk reaction` to federal budget cuts.
BARIG has warned that the increase may result in higher airfares and in turn force passengers to fly into neighbouring countries.
The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) argues that the 80 hourly slots available in summer 2000 are insufficient since airline requirements for summer 1998 stand at 104 slots per hour already.
According to BARIG Chairman Jorgen Mollegaard (SAS), international airlines have started to withdraw from Frankfurt.
The German pilots association Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) supports Weber's and BARIG's call for the expansion of Frankfurt Airport, arguing that the technical solutions proposed for increasing capacity, like the vortex warning system, are insufficient and rejected by the pilots.