BARJBalanced and Restorative Justice
BARJBalanced Approach Restorative Justice (various locations)
BARJBergen Academy of Reform Judaism (New Jersey)
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Also, some have questioned the way in which the BARJ method applies
According to criminologist Paul McCold, the BARJ model is not a purely
warns that the BARJ model is effectively "defunct" in the
106) Originating in 1993, the BARJ model began as a national
Data/document retrieval for this study consists of obtaining information from the JAP Coordinator, JAP Director, and BARJ Coordinator by posing questions to each of them regarding the program.
To test this hypothesis, the author requested information regarding the cost of traditional probation for Aiken County from the BARJ Coordinator and compared it with the cost of JAP supervision, which the author acquired from the JAP Coordinator.
56) Offering financial restitution to victims encompasses a cornerstone of BARJ and JAP principles.
This section focuses on the results of interviews conducted with the JAP Coordinator, JAP Director, and BARJ Coordinator, together with discussions concerning findings from data collected through JJMS database records, individual juvenile case files, and documents provided to the author by the JAP Coordinator through SCDJJ.
The philosophy of restorative justice and BARJ principles may serve this end, but only when they truly balance equally between public safety, accountability, and competency development for young offenders.
The Grantee will perform the following BARJ program support and service option activities:
Oversee the outcomes of the BARJ program by ensuring the Grantee collects and reports quarterly to the State, using the BARJ Data Form;
Complete the BARJ referral form (Attachment I) for each youth recommended to the BARJ program.