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BARMBarrie-Allandale Railway Modelers (Canada)
BARMBasketball Academy Rhein Main (Germany)
BARMBlock Acceptance Reporting Mechanism
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In the morning after the barm had risen to the top of the bowl it was added to approximately eight to ten pounds of flour.
There were 426 letters and 504 slips of opposition, and 95 letters and eight slips in support of Barm oor.
One of Coronation Street's most popular character is currently a gay barm an.
I used to come in here for the odd bacon barm, but I recently turned 40 now and I had to give up those fry-ups.
If we want exotic, we can import barm cakes and oven bottom muffins from Lancashire.
It could be bacon and eggs, or a hearty sausage barm --but why not try these American-style pancakes?
IN The Wrinkled Stocking Tea Room anorak-clad tourists sheltering from a downpour tuck into barm cakes or a Batty's Big Breakfast.
The Village Bakery, at Minera, is supplying 11 Tesco stores in North Wales with nine of the bakery's products - including white and brown bread, barm cakes, fruit scones and tea cakes.
A POTTER from Corsock, near Castle Douglas, has been awarded pounds 200 from the Post Office Young Scot Action Fund to help with the launch of her workshop, the Barm Pottery.
Whatever your filling preferences and whether you opt for the barm, baguette or traditional butty, there are few things better than a generously filled sarnie.
Let's just hope he keeps his hands on his own barm cakes in future.
It came served in a toasted barm cake with lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, sweet potato fries (of which I had to have a taste