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BARNBromsgrove and Redditch Network (UK)
BARNBuilding Additional Rural Networks (Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy; Australia)
BARNBubba Army Radio Network
BARNBilateral Acute Retinal Necrosis (retinal death)
BARNBoard of Airlines Representatives in Nepal
BARNBath Area Real-estate News
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Seeing the farmer eying him dubiously, he added, "I'll be glad to sleep in the barn.
They went into the barn, arid hauled their parcels with a bit of string to the top of the haymow.
The average length of haul from barn to market in the United States is nine and a half miles, so that every trip saved means an extra day's work for a man and team.
This is your wedding day," it taunted, "that tall figure out there near the dilapidated barn feeding his hogs is your husband.
After this they continued for some long time in a reverie, as they went on seizing the ears of corn, drawing out the straw, gathering it under their arms, and cutting off the ears with their bill-hooks, nothing sounding in the barn but the swish of the straw and the crunch of the hook.
The barn was empty when the horses turned into it and, after giving them the most perfunctory ministrations they had ever received from him, he strode up to the house and pushed open the kitchen door.
on no account,' cried little Hans and he jumped out of bed, and dressed himself, and went up to the barn.
The log walls of the barn and its snow-covered roof, that looked as if hewn out of some precious stone, sparkled in the moonlight.
But do you at any rate, always remembering my charge, work, high-born Perses, that Hunger may hate you, and venerable Demeter richly crowned may love you and fill your barn with food; for Hunger is altogether a meet comrade for the sluggard.
Again outside, he led the horse around behind the barn and invaded the orchard.
I turn the corner of the barn and come upon a great devil of a Wurtemberger, who was tugging at the beam with a certain enthusiasm.
This Jones perceived to be no other than a barn, where a great number of men and women were assembled, and diverting themselves with much apparent jollity.