BAROCBasic Recorder of Objects in C
BAROCBuddhist Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
BAROCBankers Association of the Republic of China (est. 1983)
BAROCBallarat Austin Radiation Oncology Centre (Australia)
BAROCBaltimore Art Research Outreach Consortium (Baltimore, MD)
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Qualifie de [beaucoup moins que]plus beau fleuron de la musique baroque paraguayenne[beaucoup plus grand que], Paraguay Baroc a permis, l'espace d'une soiree artistique, au nombreux public de faire une randonnee musicale a travers un style qui a connu son apogee au dix-huitieme siecle et qui a marque a jamais l'histoire de la musique universelle.
? Cerddoriaeth y Tair Oes Fawr: Baroc, Clasurol, a Rhamantaidd; Sioned Webb; Cwmni Cyhoeddi Gwynn
[bar] Eifion Thomas is musical director of C'r Meibion Llanelli and C'r Baroc Llanelli
Krejci, O., Kycl, P., Baroc, I., Sikula, J., coupek, P., Moravcova, O., Petrova, V., Krejci, Z., Zemkova, M., Kasperakova, D., Rybaf, J., Kirchner, K., Klimes, J., Hubatka, F., Nesvara, P., Sekyra, Z., Bil, M.
The Ivory Coast star - who also has a French passport - said: "When I was 10 I played with my local team Baroc.
As a kid the first club he played for was Baroc whose number one goalkeeper was Lionel Charbonnier who's now with Rangers.
As head of the Raymond Aron Institute and co-chair of the Saint-Simon Foundation, Frangois Furet is a high priest of the cult of "Rocbar" or, if you prefer, "Baroc"- terms coined by coupling the name of Michel Rocard, the most moderate of French Social Democrats and the present Prime Minister, with that of Raymond Barre, a moderate Conservative and former Prime Minister.
He said their purpose was to conduct surveillance operations on Alvaro Baroc Alvaro, the number one drug personality in Cebu province who had a pending arrest warrant for violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.
We found that Baroc always went with Jaguar in so many occasions.
The Star range consists of two designs - Baroc with black lace bra, pounds 28, and hipster pants, pounds 14, and Black Lily, a tiger lily and orchid print bra, pounds 25, and thong, pounds 12FOR extreme shiny lips, try Clinique's new Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy range (pounds 11).