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BARQABritish Association of Research Quality Assurance (Ipswich, UK)
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Last week a new pan-Libyan group calling itself "Mujahideen of Libya" declared allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, claiming it was sub-divided into three provinces: Barqa, Tripoli, and Fezzan (southwest Libya).
As the novel progresses, Eliyya Kfoury, who stands at the narrative's centre, comes back to the village of Barqa to find out more about his father's death in 1957.
The six beneficiaries of the grant contracts are: University of Balamand and the Municipality of Minjiz (North Lebanon); Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) and the Municipalities of Deir el Ahmar, Ainata and Barqa (Beq); Jouzour Loubnan and the Municipality of Jezzine (South Lebanon); Al Shouf Cedar Society Barouk and the Municipalities of Barouk, Msser el Shouf, Mristi (Mount Lebanon) and Saghbine (Beq); Jihad el Bin Development Association and the Municipality of Aramta (South Lebanon); the Lebanese University and the Municipalities of Hasbaya, Kawkaba (South Lebanon), Blbeck (Beq),and Aramoun (Mount Lebanon).
The ports of Es Sider and Ras Lanuf are free to resume shipments, Ali Al Hasy, spokesman of the self-declared Executive Office of Barqa region, said.
A Civil Defense official said rescuers recovered the bodies of a man who fell off the Barqa Bridge and another who drowned inside his car, which was stranded in a floodplain.
PNN On Tuesday 22nd January, Israeli Occupation Forces arrested at dawn, two young Palestinians from Barqa village, north of Nablus in the West Bank.
The First Call Of Transitional National Council (TNC) Leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, A Moderate Islamist Former Justice Minister, Was The Revival Of Polygamy Which Ousted & Slain Tyrant Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi Had Forbidden; But Now Those Armed Militia Groups Which Ousted The Dictatorship Are Fighting Each Other; The Tribes Are Engaged In Endless Battles While The Barqa Province In The East Wants Self-Rule Under A Confederal System
France condemns the attack by settlers against a mosque in Barqa village
When Ibn Tulunn, who had been alerted, returned to Egypt, al-'Abbas left for Alexandria and then for Barqa with troops and a part of the state treasury.
In addition, requests for proposals were recently issued for Oman's Sohar 2 and Barqa 3 schemes, while advisers are due to be appointed on the Duqm and Ghubrah schemes, also in Oman.
Para quienes desarrollan programas de Sistemas de Calidad, como ISO (International Organization for Standaridization) y BARQA (British Association for Research Quality Assurance), "acreditacion es un procedimiento mediante el cual un organismo autorizado da reconocimiento formal de que una organizacion o individuo es competente para llevar a cabo tareas especificas".
Al-Maqdisi is the name I have come to be renowned by in the beginning of my preaching and writing and it has stuck to me, and it is an honorific relation to the Bayt Al-Maqdis [Jerusalem] that is nearby to my birthplace which is the village of Barqa, in the environ of Nablus .