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BARXBarclays Automated Realtime Execution
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During this interval, Barclays would compare the BARX price of the customer's order at the start of the hold time against the BARX price at the end of the hold time; where the price at the end of the hold time had moved against Barclays (and in favor of the client) beyond the threshold set by Barclays in the tens and hundreds of milliseconds following the order, Barclays would reject the trade.
Para acceder al yacimiento, una vez pasada la localidad de Barx y a escasos 500 m se puede visualizar el pico de Les Mallaetes--a 600 m.
BARX combines liquidity from Barclays across multiple asset classes with trading tools and a dedicated 24-hour service providing institutional clients with the option to select when, how and where to trade, creating greater opportunities across global capital markets, while reducing risks and levelling margin costs seamlessly.
Live content, including real-time FX prices from BARX
Accessible through Barclays' trading platform BARX, via Bloomberg (shortcode MENA), clients can either click-and-trade or request quotes for large trades in the UAE dirhams and Saudi riyals, ranging from one to 10 years.
The new CNH offering is available against G-10 and local Asian currencies on the company's electronic dealing platform BARX, and via traditional voice-broking methods.
The new service from the bank is to be offered through a proprietary click-to-trade execution platform, BARX, through Bloomberg Professional terminals.
The success of BARX has been recognized with several awards
Retail customers will also be able to take advantage of wholesale currency exchange prices by linking the service to the industry leading BARX FX platform shortly after the launch.
The new service includes a homepage displaying featured and most popular research and provides access to prime services brochures and information about Barx.
This new functionality on BARX, the firm's electronic trading platform, is free to use, giving clients superior execution capability without brokerage fees.
Homepage: Displays featured and most popular Research and provides access to Prime Services brochures and information about BARX.