BASBUBirmingham Anti-Social Behaviour Unit (UK)
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He said: "I would like some of those BASBU people to come and work for me in housing alongside my environmental wardens and housing officers.
BASBU has resolved thousands of cases to the satisfaction of those affected by anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
AUGUST 2010: BASBU helped smash the B515 street gang in Highgate and Lea Bank.
Prior to BASBU the cases were dealt with by housing officers who did not have the knowledge, skills or experience to deal with many of the cases.
We are going after more gangs and we are moving more and more into the private sector with the advent of the helpline,' said Alison Parsons, BASBU policy manager.
Female customers at one petrol station have driven off in disgust and even stopped using the station, according to BASBU officers.
Afterwards, BASBU manager Ian McGibbon said: 'Every effort was made to try to resolve this case without going to court.
We want to thank BASBU and the police for all of the work they have done to help us.
Ian McGibbon, BASBU manager, said: 'Mr White refused to change his unacceptable behaviour and, as a result, he has been imprisoned, lost his tenancy, and is not able to return the to the Nechells area for two years.
Sgt Mark Cooper, deputy manager of BASBU, added: 'This action sends out a strong message to any persons acting in an anti-social manner, including criminal acts, that it will not be tolerated.
The council's main work is via BASBU which has 35 staff and costs pounds 2 million a year to run.
Insp Steve Worker, of West Midlands Police, said: "Local police officers have been working together with partner agencies, such as BASBU and local residents which has resulted in a significant reduction inanti-social problems in the area.