BASBUBirmingham Anti-Social Behaviour Unit (UK)
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He said: "I would like some of those BASBU people to come and work for me in housing alongside my environmental wardens and housing officers.
BASBU has resolved thousands of cases to the satisfaction of those affected by anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
Prior to BASBU the cases were dealt with by housing officers who did not have the knowledge, skills or experience to deal with many of the cases.
AUGUST 2010: BASBU helped smash the B515 street gang in Highgate and Lea Bank.
Council chief executive Lin Homer, an advocate of expanding the so-called BASBU, wants the unit's activities to be focused in geographic areas and overseen by three officers (Chav czars if you like).
Yet now, as the cuts begin to bite, BASBU is under threat.
The city's council's cabinet yesterday approved a proposal to fund an additional 13 BASBU officers, to boost its strength to 29 and tackle the deluge of complaints.
Female customers at one petrol station have driven off in disgust and even stopped using the station, according to BASBU officers.
Afterwards, BASBU manager Ian McGibbon said: 'Every effort was made to try to resolve this case without going to court.
We thank BASBU and the police for all of the work they have done to help us.
Ian McGibbon, BASBU manager, said: 'Mr White refused to change his unacceptable behaviour and, as a result, he has been imprisoned, lost his tenancy, and is not able to return the to the Nechells area for two years.
We want to thank BASBU and the police for all of the work they have done to help us.