BASBWEBritish Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles
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His music for brass bands has been performed at festivals and contests across the globe, whilst his music for winds has been featured at festivals throughout Europe and North America, including the Midwest Clinic in Chicago and at the BASBWE International Wind Festival.
In it he describes the growth and development of the Eastman Wind Ensemble, both in concert and in its landmark series of recordings for Mercury records and publications by MCA Music, Inc.; the dissemination of the wind ensemble concept on a national scale at both the collegiate and secondary levels in the 1970s; and the spread of wind ensembles to Japan and Western Europe, leading to the foundation of both the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) and the British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles (BASBWE) in 1981.
On the other hand, Timothy Reynish, in "Contemporary British Music for Band and Wind Ensemble," is primarily concerned with music composed over the last thirty-five years, while still making reference to the founding of the WASBE and BASBWE. His chapter should prove especially useful to conductors seeking new repertory, since he gives publishers and dates for specific pieces and offers brief stylistic characterizations of many of them.