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There was Doctor Bascom, Lee Bascom who had stood beside him a week ago and talked and argued, a picture of magnificent youth, and strength, and health.
So we stood round our engine, jostled one another, expressed our sentiments through speaking-trumpets, or in lower tone referred to the great conflagrations which the world has witnessed, including Bascom's shop, and, between ourselves, we thought that, were we there in season with our "tub," and a full frog-pond by, we could turn that threatened last and universal one into another flood.
California-based private equity firm Bascom Group, LLC has announced the completion of a USD 235 million refinance of an 11-property multifamily portfolio that spans five states, the company said.
The families are being accommodated at the nearby Bascom Court (Kapitana Thelma M.
Spirit Bascom Ventures, a partnership between Stamford, Conn.
The Black Legend: George Bascom, Cochise, and the Start of the Apache Wars belongs in any collection serious about Native American struggles and history, and examines the Apaches who routinely raided the heavily-traveled Emigrant and Overland Mail Trail.
The other is the Bueno and Bascom investigations set in South Vietnam after the armistice.
Technically, Sueno and Bascom shouldn't have dragged the body back across the line into the South, but they've never been sticklers for details like that.
Spirit Bascom Ventures--a partnership between Irvine, CA-based The Bascom Group and Stamford, CT, based Spirit Investment Partners--acquired 1024 Clinton Street from a long-time family owner.
Connecticut, US-based Spirit Bascom Ventures, LLC, a joint venture between Spirit Investment Partners, LLC and The Bascom Group, LLC, has acquired Maryland, US-based residential community and commercial space property Tribeca at Camp Springs, the company said.
Spirit Bascom Ventures, LLC, a joint venture betweenStamford, Connecticut-based Spirit Investment Partners LLC andIrvine, California-based The Bascom Group, LLC, acquired Tribeca at Camp Springs, a 19-unit residential community plus 1,0 square feet of ground floor commercial space that was built by Wood Partners in 200.