BASDBay Area School District (California)
BASDBrookville Area School District (Pennsylvania)
BASDBerwick Area School District (Berwick, PA)
BASDBellwood-Antis School District (Pennsylvania)
BASDBethlehem Area School District (Pennsylvania)
BASDBanque Asiatique de Développement (French: Asian Development Bank; Philippines)
BASDBurlington Area School District (Burlington, WI)
BASDBusiness Action for Sustainable Development
BASDBeing Alive San Diego (San Diego, CA)
BASDBellefonte Area School District (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania)
BASDBasic Active Service Date
BASDBoyertown Area School District (Boyertown, PA)
BASDBall Aerospace Systems Division
BASDBay Area Sound Department (California)
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Her GGT and total bile acid levels stayed normal after admission, which reminded us of BASD.
BASD accounts for about 2% of neonatal cholestasis cases, and early primary bile acid replacement treatment can achieve good results.
PADOH determined that 22 asthma incidents were reported in BASD, involving seven students, from November 2 to the end of the school year, with 19 of the incidents occurring in elementary school.
According to information provided by the BASD parents/guardians of 74 students, 23 students (32 percent) lived in a rural/farm location, 21 (29 percent) lived in a suburban/suburbs location, and 28 (39 percent) lived in an urban/city location.
BASD was convened by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the United Nations Global Compact, and joined by 10 prominent international industry association partners: AquaFed; Air Transport Action Group (ATAG); CropLife International; Cement Sustainability Initiative; Digital Energy and Sustainability Solutions Campaign; International Aluminum Institute; International Council of Chemical Associations; International Council on Mining and Metals; Global Oil & Gas Industry Association (IPIECA); and World Steel Association.
Several rock alteration zones can be seen in volcanic rocks of BASD and IVC / TVF and in diorites of the Kohistan batholith from where the bulk samples for Au have been collected (Fig.
The rocks of BASD volcanics are mainly basalt andesite and rhyolite flows which are highly deformed and metamorphosed the metamorphism ranges from greenschist to amphibolite facies.
The geochemical data suggest that the non- porphyritic volcanics of CVG and gabbroic- diorites of Kohistan batholiths exhibit calc- alkaline character with typical of subduction related component which can be correlated with the BASD volcanics of Ghizer formation while the porphyritic volcanics are of low-Mg tholeiites which can be correlated with other reported low- Mg tholeiitic volcanics of the region and not with the high-Mg tholeiites of Hunza valley.
In addition to reaping direct energy savings from the five solar energy systems, we will now begin leveraging Tangent's expertise to increase our savings by actively managing our electricity demand," said Mark Stein, PE Director of Facilities and Operations at BASD.
D'Huy Engineering, which prepared and manages the BASD master energy plan, represented the district in the project.
Authorized BASD staff control the website content live-time 24/7 via MFT's Content Management System (CMS), a comprehensive and secure remote administration control panel that is accessible through any web browser.
This control allows BASD staff to add emergency closings, delays and general notices to the website instantly.