BASDABusiness & Accounting Software Developers Association
BASDABusiness Application Software Developers' Association
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The General Council acts as the governing body for BASDA which comprises a group of twelve elected representatives from member companies.
Commenting on these findings, Dennis Keeling, CEO of BASDA says: "The survey shows a significant take up of all aspects of web-services in the last 12 months.
Developers must not only provide a means of converting the accounts data but also draw their customers' attention to the wider implications of conversion so the quality of the documentation and information provided to users to support the conversion process is also examined, according to BASDA.
But BASDA chief executive Mr Dennis Keeling warned such a move was risky and should be put off.
CODA products are BASDA certified to meet the Euro requirement for international business.
ebXML February 2000 Orlando Meeting Participants: Countries Represented: Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Japan Netherlands Spain Switzerland United Kingdom United States Companies & Organizations Represented: ACORD Corp Air Transport Association of America Apacs BASDA Ltd.
It provides the same EMU functionality that was accredited by BASDA (Business & Accounting Software Developers Association) in its advanced requirements concerning multi-currency and triangulation for the Euro in business accounting software.
We started with 12 possible vendors and we whittled it down to just three with which we then carried out a week long evaluation with representatives from each department, all based on a BASDA suggested evaluation template.
Following the PIDX ComProServ project, OFS Portal was then sponsored in part by the DTI to perform a gap analysis of these transaction documents against European needs, in conjunction with BASDA (Business Applications Software Developers Association) in the UK.
Perwill contributes to the development of the Electronic Commerce Market through membership in industry bodies such as ECA, BASDA and EDICUG.
The initiative is being led by BASDA (the Business Application Software Developers Association).
2 has received the BASDA EMU Accreditation from Ernst & Young, The Netherlands, for multi-currency conversion and triangulation.