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BASISBusiness Action to Support the Information Society (International Chamber of Commerce)
BASISBarents Sea Impact Study
BASISBritish Airways Safety Information System (aviation)
BASISBaltic Air-Sea-Ice Study
BASISBurst and All-Sky Imaging Survey
BASISBattelle Automated Search Information System
BASISBay Area Social Intervention Services, Inc. (Bay City, Michigan)
BASISBank Automated Service Information System
BASISBases And Stations Information System
BASISBurst Arc Second Imaging and Spectroscopy
BASISBattlefield Acoustic Sensor Integration System
BASISBusiness and Support Information Services (NASA)
BASISBattlefield Automatic Secure Identification System
BASISBottlers Accounting and Sales Information System (Coca-Cola Company)
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I had systematized those, and put the service on an effective and righteous basis.
With the stern coolness which formed the basis of his character, Brian de Bois-Guilbert communicated this hideous intelligence, which was not so calmly received by his astonished comrade.
Its basis is the tyranny of brain force, which, among civilized men, is allowed to do what muscular force does among schoolboys and savages.
The terror of society, which is the basis of morals, the terror of God, which is the secret of religion--these are the two things that govern us.
I was taught first to read and write, and then to learn the Koran, which is the basis of our holy religion, and the better to understand it, I read with my tutors the ablest commentators on its teaching, and committed to memory all the traditions respecting the Prophet, which have been gathered from the mouth of those who were his friends.
His aim was to point out the physical basis of music, and nothing more.
They were the productions of different minds and of adverse passions; one, ascending for the foundation of human government to the laws of nature and of God, written upon the heart of man; the other, resting upon the basis of human institutions, and prescriptive law, and colonial charter.
Great was the pleasure the duke and duchess took in the conversation of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza; and, more bent than ever upon the plan they had of practising some jokes upon them that should have the look and appearance of adventures, they took as their basis of action what Don Quixote had already told them about the cave of Montesinos, in order to play him a famous one.
The habits of intercourse, on the basis of equal privileges, to which we have been accustomed since the earliest settlement of the country, would give a keener edge to those causes of discontent than they would naturally have independent of this circumstance.
If Europe has the merit of discovering this great mechanical power in government, by the simple agency of which the will of the largest political body may be concentred, and its force directed to any object which the public good requires, America can claim the merit of making the discovery the basis of unmixed and extensive republics.
Therefore, in your deliberations, when seeking to determine the military conditions, let them be made the basis of a comparison, in this wise:--
Some of the masters whose influence left a trace upon my character to this very day, combined a fierceness of conception with a certitude of execution upon the basis of just appreciation of means and ends which is the highest quality of the man of action.