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BASISBasic Achievement Skills Individual Screener (education assessment)
BASISBusiness Action to Support the Information Society (International Chamber of Commerce)
BASISBarents Sea Impact Study
BASISBritish Airways Safety Information System (aviation)
BASISBaltic Air-Sea-Ice Study
BASISBurst and All-Sky Imaging Survey
BASISBattelle Automated Search Information System
BASISBay Area Social Intervention Services, Inc. (Bay City, Michigan)
BASISBank Automated Service Information System
BASISBases And Stations Information System
BASISBurst Arc Second Imaging and Spectroscopy
BASISBattlefield Acoustic Sensor Integration System
BASISBusiness and Support Information Services (NASA)
BASISBattlefield Automatic Secure Identification System
BASISBottlers Accounting and Sales Information System (Coca-Cola Company)
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But like the snout of the boar shall my word grub up the basis of your souls; a ploughshare will I be called by you.
That your virtue is your Self, and not an outward thing, a skin, or a cloak: that is the truth from the basis of your souls, ye virtuous ones!--
I had systematized those, and put the service on an effective and righteous basis. As a result, these revenues were already quadrupled, and yet the burden was so much more equably distributed than before, that all the king- dom felt a sense of relief, and the praises of my ad- ministration were hearty and general.
Most important of all--he must get back without delay: he would have to make haste to put his new project to the peasants before the sowing of the winter wheat, so that the sowing might be undertaken on a new basis. He had made up his mind to revolutionize his whole system.
From all the cells, both those just commenced and those completed, being thus crowned by a strong coping of wax, the bees can cluster and crawl over the comb without injuring the delicate hexagonal walls, which are only about one four-hundredth of an inch in thickness; the plates of the pyramidal basis being about twice as thick.
This metrical system, thus shaped, has provided the indispensable formal basis for making English poetry admittedly the greatest in the modern world.
The basis of matrimonial bliss is secure, and all thy little defects and frailties are forgiven.
And on that fact and that basis he began to construct a fantastic edifice of hypothesis, that card-castle of philosophers; then, suddenly returning once more to reality, "Come!
Though this plan had been drawn up on the supposition that Moscow was still in our hands, it was approved by the staff and accepted as a basis for action.
We can also perceive, that a line drawn perpendicularly down from the outer edge of the new reef, to the foundation of solid rock beneath the old fringing-reef, will exceed by as many feet as there have been feet of subsidence, that small limit of depth at which the effective corals can live: -- the little architects having built up their great wall-like mass, as the whole sank down, upon a basis formed of other corals and their consolidated fragments.
"Because, in the first place, if the principle of election is to be the basis of a system, absolute equality among the electors is a first requirement; they ought to be 'equal quantities,' things which modern politics will never bring about.
They were the productions of different minds and of adverse passions; one, ascending for the foundation of human government to the laws of nature and of God, written upon the heart of man; the other, resting upon the basis of human institutions, and prescriptive law, and colonial charter.