BASLBar Association of Sri Lanka
BASLBanc of America Securities Limited
BASLBeaches Adult Soccer League (est. 1989; Florida)
BASLBay Area Soccer League
BASLBendigo Amateur Soccer League (Australia)
BASLBisexual Alliance of St. Louis (Missouri)
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By following where in the cell BASL resides during successful asymmetric cell divisions, they have discovered that BASL behaves like many of the proteins vital for animal asymmetric cell divisions, even though BASL's structure doesn't look like any of them.
Bergmann, Dong, and MacAlister tracked BASL by adding a fluorescent tag that could be monitored under the microscope.
They found that BASL behaved in some ways like proteins involved in asymmetric animal cell division, that is, they observed BASL in both the nucleus and in a small region out near the periphery in cells that were about to divide asymmetrically.
But according to BASL spokesman, Steve Omolale-Ajulo it is all lies, as it is FN which actually owed Bi-Courtney N132 billion being the revenue created at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) of the same airport since 2007.
The federal government and its agencies, including FN, owe BASL over N132 billion in judgement debt.
A statement issued by Joe Obi, Oduah s Media Adviser, also reiterated that BASL did not get approval from the ministry and should follow procedure, as contained in the concession agreement.
BASL announced on July 7 that the increase would take effect from July 11, said Chief Operations Officer, Femi Kolawole.
Kolawole said that the cost has been on the increase since BASL commenced operations in 2007.