BASNBay Area Services Network
BASNBay Area Startup Network (California)
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La creation d'une holding commune [beaucoup moins que]Atlantic Bank International[beaucoup plus grand que], detenue a parts egales, permettra a la BCP d'etre l'actionnaire majoritaire des sept filiales d'AFG: 90,5% de BACI (Cote d'Ivoire); 53,5% de BABN (Benin); 78,9% de BATG (Togo); 55,9% de BABF (Burkina Faso); 54,9% de BAML (Mali); 77,6% de BANE (Niger); et 81,7% de BASN (Senegal).
In addition, BASN is creating a television reality series filmed in both countries.
BASN and Modavox will be partnering with Madison Square Garden for the US Championship broadcast and Dragon TV for delivery of the Chinese leg of the events in August.