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BASOVBleed Air Shut Off Valve
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The waves generated can be maintained long enough to be usable for practical applications, Basov said.
Globorotalia tumida tumida (Brady): Bolli & Saunders 1985: 227, figs 33.8, 34.11-13; Basov & Krasheninnikov 1995: pl.
Data points obtained from numerous sources, but largely from Padilla, Basov, and Smith, "Negative refractive index materials;" and Shalaev, "Optical negative-index metamaterials."
Independently, AM Prokhorov and NG Basov developed a maser in 1955 but theirs was capable of continuous output.
The Volgograd Emergency Ministry is expected to hold an emergency meeting on the matter where they will take decision on whether or not the bridge can be used," said Volgograd Emergency Ministry official Vadim Basov.
And in 1954, Aleksandr Prokhorov and Nikolai Basov of the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscowwrote an article about using a beam of alkali halide molecules to generate a microwave oscillator.
Tom Driscoll at the University of California, San Diego along with Dimitri Basov and collaboraters from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and ETRI in the Republic of Korea developed the new "frequency-agile" design by attaching a thin film of vanadium dioxide to a gold metamaterial structure.
While an implementation of the MELP Algorithm has recently become available for Matlab (Basov, 2008), for this system was used initially the output of the executable implementation of MELP from Texas Instruments (TI, 1998).
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Basov and Shelukhin [1] introduced solution for the one-dimensional equations of Bingham compressible flow.