BASPBroadcom Advanced Server Program
BASPBritish Association of Ski Patrollers
BASPBritish Association of Stroke Physicians (UK)
BASPBureau for Action on Smoking Prevention
BASPBaath Arab Socialist Party (Iraq)
BASPBusiness Analysis Strategic Planning
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But BASP said an extra 226 full-time stroke consultants were required.
Ao analisar os grupos dos fatores de risco, observamos que o GM apresentou uma maior incidencia no grupo BASP com 51,6% (n=95).
Under the BASP Initiative, the Foundation is renovating the Nkwatia SDA primary school, organising quiz competition and distributing teaching and learning materials as part of our goal of improving education in the district.
In its statement, the BASP National Leadership referred to the special attention given by the Syrian leadership to the martyrs' sons and families.
Como unica sobrevivente, a estacao final da linha, contida na BASP deveria ser patrimonializada e aberta ao publico, para oficinas de aproximacao a historia local.
The BCM5721 also incorporates the industry's most advanced server software (the Broadcom Advanced Server Program or BASP) which offers several teaming functions not available from any other GbE controller solution.
I can hardly do better than quote the words of Deborah Hobson (reviewing the concordance to volumes 1-7 of the BL in BASP 28 [1991]: 78): "If one could find any fault with this publication, it would be only to question the utility, in this day of technology, of producing in hard cover a reference work which would be more usable, and probably cheaper to produce and to purchase (not many will be able to afford to have this expensive volume at home), in a database format which could be updated as new corrections are published.
The major components of a typical BASP are outlined in Figure 3.
The BASP National Leadership stressed the Syrian people's adherence to the Resistance, adding that they are convinced that dialogue, local reconciliation and counterterrorism are the only way out of the crisis.