BASRBritish Association for the Study of Religions
BASRBethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (Bethlehem, Israel)
BASRBile Acid Secretion Rate
BASRBoard of Advanced Studies and Research (Pakistan)
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During the career counseling phase, BASR economic empowerment team were immediately taken by the passion and enthusiasm shown by Sa'd towards his own personal and professional development and by his desire to take ownership of his future.
In sum, it seems important to allow free entry (or at least, not very constrained entry) for effective competition to occur, even if this means an increase in retail outlets, contrary to the BASR report's position.
At the end of the conference BASR cochlear team in cooperation with Caritas Baby Hospital and Effeta Institute set collective mechanisms for the implementation, by providing early detection and intervention, treatment and intensive rehabilitation program as preparative actions to integrate persons with hearing disability in various aspects of life, whereby Caritas Baby Hospital will be accountable to survey the children patients in need, and BASR team will be in charge of rendering prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation, whilst Effeta Institute will be responsible of enrolling students at inclusive primary and secondary education.
The candidates may collect their admit cards on June 11 and 12 from the BASR section, while the admission test would be held on Sunday, 14th June at 9:00 am at Auditorium, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Karachi.
An official of the institution said that the meeting of the BASR was chaired by Vice-Chancellor of Karachi University, Prof.
The BASR meeting was chaired by Vice-Chancellor of Karachi University, Prof.