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BASSBeneath A Steel Sky (video game)
BASSBass Anglers Sportsman Society (Montgomery, AL)
BASSBass Action Selector System
BASSBachelor of Applied Social Science (Australia)
BASSBaltic Sea Solutions (Denmark)
BASSBeijing Academy of Social Sciences (China)
BASSBritish Alpine Ski School
BASSBusiness Applications Support System (various organizations)
BASSBest Available Seating Service (ticket agency; Australia)
BASSBelgian Association for the Study of Sleep
BASSBad Ass Sound System
BASSBattlefield Area Star Swimmers (Virginia)
BASSBritish Association of Sound Systems
BASSBroadband Array Spectrograph System
BASSBittorrent Assisted Streaming System (video on demand)
BASSBay Area Seafarers Service (Oakland, CA)
BASSBarrier Ammunition Storage Site
BASSBase Automated Support System
BASSBlack Agents in the Secret Service
BASSBase Automated Service Store
BASSBig Ass Spread Sheet
BASSBattlefield Area Surveillance Systems
BASSBrake Activated Suspension System (Yamaha motorcyles)
BASSBCE Automated Support System
BASSBoys After School Sports
BASSBasecom Automated Support System
BASSBackup Avionics Subsystem Software
BASSBulk Agent Stockpile Summary
BASSBattlefield Automated Subordinate Systems
BASSBusiness Applications Software Support
BASSBusiness Administration Support Suite
BASSBradley Advanced Survivability Seat (US Army)
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More recent studies using DNA analysis of parent and progeny suggests that only a few successful nests are needed to provide enough juvenile fish to maintain a population of bass in a cove or embayment,'' Lee said.
Our hope is to encourage and create greater giving and support by offering recognition and matching opportunities to our fellow alumni and donors," said Robert Bass, who, with his wife, supports a number of educational institutions and a wide number of programs at Stanford University.
Established in 1984 through state legislation, the Ocean Research Enhancement and Hatchery Program has since released 450,000 white sea bass, and aims to release almost that many annually to replenish the waters off Southern California and keep the fishing industry strong.
This particular strain of fish has a strong gene pool, so down the line we hope to have stronger and bigger bass like in the past.
It is the first confirmed catch of a legal-size white sea bass spawned as part of a 10-year program to restore schools of the creatures off the Southern California coast.
More bass in smaller spaces has been the holy grail of the audio world for some time," said John Carter, Tymphany Board Member and former Chief Engineer at Bose.
said Aaron Martens, 26, of Castaic, a first-time qualifier for the internationally acclaimed BASS Masters Classic.
And with uncanny skill, the Hart High sophomore has landed more trophy largemouths than most bass anglers his age - or any age, for that matter.
We are pleased Bass Pro Shops has agreed to join us in this unique project," said John Bucksbaum, CEO of General Growth Properties.
It's one of the worst fisheries in the state,'' said Pat Marley, an attorney from neighboring Cedarpines Park who has taken the state to court to make amends for bass lost in a controversial draining of lake.
As a child, Bass owned pets - dogs, cats, rabbits, even a few chickens - and always felt a special kinship with the animals.
Obviously, Bass is not one of those grouchy, grousing writers constantly bemoaning his position on the lowest rung of the Hollywood power ladder.