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BASSACBritish Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres (UK)
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Much of my research was conducted at two sites: Choeung Ek Genocidal Center--a mass grave of over 12,000 people (4)--now a national memorial and international tourist site just outside Phnom Penh, and Koh Sap--an island in the Bassac River that was the killing and grave site of several thousand people, and is now returned to rural farming.
'The past, the passion and the potential: How the history of the Settlement Movement informs our pursuit of social justice today', in British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres (ed.), London: BASSAC.
Terrain: Central plain drained by the Tonle Sap (Great Lake) and Mekong and Bassac Rivers.
Officials said crowds celebrating the nation's annual water festival apparently panicked as rumours rippled through the crowds that the bridge to an island in the Bassac river was about to give way.
The search for bodies in and along the Bassac River continued yesterday.
Also at Phnom Penh the Mekong diverges into the Bassac River and the mainstream, forming the uppermost part of the Mekong Delta.
A mismatch of government policies and absence of funding is undermining the ability of community groups to speak out about the needs of ordinary people, according to new research published by bassac.
Phnom Penh lies at the confluence of the Mekong River, the Bassac River and the channel flowing from Tonle Sap Lake.
Chenda is a 24-year-old director of lakhaoun niyeay (roughly translated, "spoken-word theatre"), a dialogue-driven style more contemporary than the traditional Cambodian forms of khaol, yike and bassac, which use masks, stylized gestures and song.
Similarly elegant is the riverside Bassac Theatre, a brown brick and concrete structure, with a foyer designed as a series of large triangles suspended above shallow pools of water and cantilevered staircases.
The Chinavong romance, consisting of sixteen books with thirty-nine characters, was performed over seven consecutive nights at the Bassac theater in Phnom Penh, and was later condensed to a two-hour version.