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BASTEBay Area Sewage Toxics Emissions
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The problem is the people,' Duterte said last month during the oath-taking ceremony of his youngest son, Baste, in Davao City.
Repeat to baste the remaining female snap tab along the lining main-panel upper right side, and the two male snap tabs along the lower left and right sides (3).
Divide the top into sections, spraying between the layers of one section at a time, and then quilt before moving to baste and quilt another section of the quilt layer.
If hand quilting, baste using a darning needle threaded with approximately 18" of sewing thread.
1.30pm Baste the bird again but this time leave off the foil.
Once sealed, baste with the glaze, cook then turn and baste the other side; continue until all the baste is used and ribs start to "char" a little - about 30 minutes.
Fold each tab in half, wrap around handles, and baste to top edges of front and back of tote.
Finish pinning the layers together; then thread a needle with a single strand of thread to baste with.
Remove from foil, baste with olive oil and garlic and place under pre-heated grill for 10 mins, or until top is crisp.
Its sure baste system lets moisture rise and collect in the saucepan lid, ensuring that food is basted throughout the cooking process.