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BAT1HLA-B Associated Transcript 1 (human gene)
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cruzi infection (IFN-[gamma], MIF, IL-4, TNF, TGF-[beta], and IL-18) or cardiomyopathy development (TNF, IL-1, BAT1, MCP-1, LT-[alpha], IL-12, and IL-10) [34] were not studied.
The rs2734583 in the BAT1 gene (assay ID: C_26778946_20) and the rs3099844 in the HCP5 gene (assay ID: C_27455402_10) were detected by TaqMan[R] SNP Genotyping Assays (Life Technologies, Carlsbad, CA, USA).
The remaining 30 lists belonged to the phonologically dissimilar control condition, and we tried our best to construct these lists so that the Cantonese Chinese words presented i did share any corresponding phonological characteristics with other words (e.g., bat1, ok3, sit6, ye5, ziu2).
A total of 25 pairs of primers were designed for amplification and sequencing of missense SNPs in 24 candidate genes located in the growth and carcass trait QTL regions on BAT1 and BTA5.
(BAT1) I accept the fact that technology 3.33 0.55 -.210 .370 helps students learn.